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Wave Readers

Join the Ocean Rangers of the Aquarium of the Pacific on a weekly expedition into the depths of the ocean.
Be part of the exciting journey as we craft , play and learn some of the mysteries of the ocean.

Tropical Tuesdays:

Drop in each week for a taste of the tropics. Listen to the smooth island music, taste the food of the natives and create some colorful island crafts, all while being surrounded by the backdrop of an ocean paradise.


Take and Makes:

Friends of the sea paper aquarium.
Come in each week for a new sea creature. By summer’s end you should have your own wondrous paper aquarium to enjoy at home.

Week 1: Sensational Sharks

Worksheet: Sensational Sharks

Video: Sensational Sharks

Trivia: What type of teeth does a bat ray have? 

ANSWER: Flat crushing teeth.