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Rules of Conduct

The Library building and services are available to the general public for purposes consistent with the Library’s mission. We request your cooperation with regard to the following Rules of Conduct which prevail:

• The rights, opinions, and property of all people will be respected.

• Library visitors will not engage in conduct that disrupts or interferes with the normal operation of the library, or disturbs staff and library users. Such conduct includes: the usage of abusive or threatening language or gestures; creation of unreasonable noise; and loud or boisterous behavior or talking.

• The first floor is reserved for research, reading and study. Loud conversation, use of cellphones, audio devices without headphones, eating, drinking, smoking, game playing and sleeping are not allowed. Tutoring and business meetings are to be held in the designated spaces only.

• Soliciting, selling, and petitioning are not permitted.

• Shirts and shoes will be worn at all times.

• Pets, except Service Animals, will remain outside the building.

• The Library takes no responsibility for children of any age left unattended. Children under the age of 10 are not allowed in the building without an adult/caregiver and must be accompanied by an adult/caregiver while in the Just for Kids area.

• The Library Staff is responsible for assisting patrons with their information needs. Caregivers are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children while in the Library or on its grounds. Children will not play on the stairs, run, crawl, pound on the computer keyboards, or move library materials from one shelf to another.

• Children enrolled in Library Programs will remain in the Just for Kids Area until picked up by their parent/caregiver. Other arrangemenst can be made with the library staff member in charge of that program prior to the start of the program.

• Caregivers are expected to be aware of the Library’s Hours of Operation and to pick up their children prior to closing. In the event that a child is left at closing, the Goshen Village Police will be contacted to provide supervision for the child.

• Children can ask a library staff member to call home for them or use a personal cell phone to call for a ride home.

• Library materials will be properly signed out before being removed from the building.

• The parking lot is available for people on Library business only. Cars will be parked in marked spaces only. Staff and handicapped parking will be respected.

• Restrooms will not be used for laundry or bathing. Nothing other than the tissue provided will be flushed in Library toilets.

• In so far as all materials in the library are open to public view, patrons should be aware that viewing Adult Content images, graphically violent images, or images depicting Criminal or Sexual conduct, is inappropriate conduct, and if within the proximity of minors will be viewed as Endangering the Welfare of Children and will be treated as such.

• Patrons will not engage in unlawful behaviors on Library property. Any violation of the above rules may result in Denial of Service and expulsion from the Library.