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What's Happening with the new library?


On April 5th, 2017 Prestige Building Company razed an abandoned building on the Library’s site in Salesian Park.

On April 5th Prestige Building Company razed an abandoned building on the Library's site in Salesian Park.

02/15/2017:  Representatives from the Goshen Public Library and Historical Society made a presentation at the Goshen Chamber of Commerce breakfast this morning.  Attendees at the breakfast were shown the latest renderings of the new Library which will be built at Salesian Park.  Ellen-Mary O’Brien Library Trustee presented on behalf of the Library.  Mrs. O’Brien spoke about the 20,400 square foot Library with its one hundred person capacity community room, space for the Friends of the Library, dedicated teen space and a second floor dedicated to a children’s area.

Library representatives in attendance were: Norma Nunez-Langlois, President Board of Trustees, Ellen-Mary O’Brien, Trustee, Matthew Gomm, Library Director, Carol Cullen, Clerk of the Board.  Bill Troy Co-Chair of the Goshen Library Foundation Fundraising Committee.

The timeline for the construction of the new Library begins with the demolition of the former nuns’ quarters, the structure which sits to the left of the entrance to the park.  This demolition is scheduled to begin within the next few weeks.  Also happening within the next week is drilling for the test well for the Geothermal System.  Groundbreaking for the new Library is expected to be in May a date has not been finalized at this time and completion of the new Library is expected to be in the fall of 2018.

12/6/2016:  In the upcoming weeks you will notice construction activity at the future library location. The low-slung gray building–long-abandoned Salesian sisters’ quarters–located on the east side of the entry drive will be razed. Following demolition, the foundation will be back-filled and the area prepared for future parking and Park egress. Our architects had previously explored the possibility of utilizing the existing structure for additional storage space, but the extent of deterioration meant renovation would be cost-prohibitive.

We apologize for any temporary inconvenience this work may have on short-term access to the park.

07/2016:  Although it may seem like all’s quiet at Salesian Park, progress toward your new, state-of-the-art library is moving along apace! Over the summer the state-mandated archaeological site survey was completed. And although the site has a number of features interesting to local historians, there was nothing sufficiently important indicated in the archeologist’s final report that would impede progress on the delivery of a new building. Please see the Times-Herald Record’s article here…

On April 5th Prestige Building Company razed an abandoned building on the Library's site in Salesian Park.
Well test photo