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    The latest example of a local collection is now on display in the Collections Case in the Lobby of the Goshen Public Library and Historical Society.  Norma Fives has generously showcased some of her treasured Cabbage Patch Dolls. If you too young to be  familiar with Cabbage Patch Dolls, here is the story.  Xavier Roberts, a Georgia artist, sold the rights to his unique dolls in 1982 to a company named Coleco.  Little did he know –or anyone else for that matter, that his cuddly dolls would start a national mania!  In spite of efforts to keep up with sales in 1983, there were shortages as the Christmas season approached.  Parents panicked.  Lines formed in front of stores when a shipment arrived.  Some canny operatives bought as many as they could get their hands on and sold them to frantic mothers and fathers at double or triple the price.  Over three million Cabbage Patch Dolls were sold that year!  Since then other companies have had the franchise, with Wicked Cool Toys owning it since 2015.  Some of the earlier examples sell on ETSY for hundreds of dollars, but there are not many of the children who received them, children who are now adults, who are willing to part with them.  Remember to wear your mask when you come to take a look.

If you have a collection that you would like to share with the community, contact Jim Tarvin at jtarvin@hvc.rr.com