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Q. Why Do We Need a New Library?

Answer:  While our current library is a beautiful building, sadly it no longer meets the needs of our growing community. In particular, it is not handicap accessible. Further, it is very small and ill-suited to extensive modifications or expansion. Often, library patrons cannot participate in library activities or are put on waiting lists. Each year the library has to ap-ply to New York State for a variance in order to remain open in lieu of, and with intent to rectify, the current library’s shortcomings, in-cluding accessibility, seating, parking, etc.

Q. What Advantages will a New Library Provide to Make it more of a Community Center?

Answer:  The new 20,600 square feet library will provide a greatly expanded children’s room and activity space, all handicap accessible. There will be an adult service area, with comfortable seating for reading and research.In addition the new library will feature:

– A dedicated teen program area
– A larger Local History Room with more display cases
– Quiet conference rooms for tutoring or small meetings
– A dedicated space for the Friends of the Goshen Public Library and Historical Society with expanded shelving for their book sale offerings
– Community Meeting Room with space for 100 people
– More than 50 parking spaces
– Outdoor seating for reading and green areas for activities, all in a park-like setting

Q. How was an architectural firm selected?

Answer:  The Board of Trustees formed a building committee made up of members of the Board and residents of the community. The committee considered sites in the surrounding area. Research was done to find architectural firms with experience in library design. The firm of Butler Rowland Mays Architects, LLP was chosen. Their lead architect for our project, Paul Mays, specializes in designing libraries.

Q.  How much will the new library cost?

Answer:  The full cost of the library will be $9.3 million, which is less than half of the cost of the previously proposed new library in 2008. A referendum to approve a bond in that amount will be put before the voters on December 2, 2015. Our financial advisors have indicated that the estimated yearly cost for the average home in our service area will be $41.19 per $100,000 of school district assessed value ($82.38 for $200,000. $123.57 for $300,000, etc.)  Please see the table below to see the towns surrounding Goshen that fall partly within the Library’s service area:


100k = 41.35




100K= 122.08












Q. What fundraising is being done to help pay for a new library?

Answer:  The Board of Trustees has applied for a NYS Division of Library Development grant and anticipate an award amount of $55,000 toward construction. There will be further fundraising campaigns to help pay for selected furnishings in the new library, as well as affordable naming opportunities in many library areas. Please visit www.goshenpubliclibrary.org for details on making a donation and naming opportunities.

Q. Does the library have to buy property at Salesian Park to build a new library?

Answer:  No. Before going to the public to ask for funds to build a new library, the Board of Trustees worked diligently and within our operating budget to pay for the five-acre property at Salesian Park on which the new library will be built. This village setting is an ideal location because there is enough room and it would serve as an anchor to this beautiful park and the Goshen community.

Q. What new library operating costs can be expected?

Answer:  The proposed new library uses a carefully-designed open floor plan in order to enable staff to monitor multiple areas, thereby minimizing the need for additional staff. (Staffing is the single largest piece of any library’s operating budget.) In addition, the new library will utilize light-harvesting features for the energy efficient fixtures, as well as solar panels to offset electric costs. A geothermal system will reduce heating and cooling costs by eliminating natural gas/fuel oil bills, with an expected payback period of 12 to 15 years.

Q.  What is a school district library?

Answer:   Each individual library’s charter indicates the type of library and how it is funded. A school district public library has a service area that coincides with the school district in which it is located,and the citizens vote to approve the budget and select trustees.

Q.  What will happen to the “old” library?

Answer:  Upon completion of construction, the Trustees will ask for public input regarding future use or sale of the existing library building.

Q.  Where can I go to get more information on the new library?

Answer:  You can visit the Goshen Public Library and Historical Society website at www.goshenpubliclibrary.org to access a link to a webpage for all pertinent information.  Questions regarding the proposed library building referendum can be sent to: movingforward@goshenpubliclibrary.org


– 1894 Goshen Library and Historical Society is established located on the upper floor of the Surrogate’s Court Building (Paying Members Only)
-1897 Rules of the Library adopted
-1911 Goshen Public Library and Historical Society established (Open to all residents)
-1918 Library opened in present location
-1977 Addition to the Library
-1994 100th Anniversary
-2014 Salesian Property is paid in full
-2015 December 2nd Bond Refererendum